Monday, 19 July 2010

How BP should have handled the spill

How to communicate in public is something I spend more time thinking about than is probably good for my sleep... I teach the research seminar at the UPF econ department, which is a second-year boot camp on research techniques for our doctoral students. A lot of emphasis is put on presenting and writing, and I actually show students Steve Jobs introducing the Ipod on youtube and then discuss with them what you can learn from Steve for our presentations.
Sometimes, one can learn a lot from bad examples, too. Little people, listen up - BP didn't quite get it right, to put it mildly (the chairman of the board, after meeting Obama, graciously spoke about the "little people" in the US affected by the spill). So, in a bid to be constructive, here is some brilliant advice from the good folks at Daily Goat on what BP should have done...

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