Thursday, 17 March 2011

finally... a radio program I have been waiting for for over a decade

If you visit a British bookstore, you can find the European history corner by looking for a monumental collection of swastikas on the shelves... It used to amuse me as a student in Oxford, and then became a curiosity. A normal weekend in the UK will include some re-run of a World War II movie, a documentary about the last Spitfire pilot alive, and a few book reviews in the Sunday papers. Apparently, 850 books on the Third Reich were published in the UK in 2010 alone, including one on Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich. Now, the BBC actually has a clever radio documentary about why this is - over here. It's pretty good, but I would say that - my own working hypothesis (Britain can't get enough of being reminded of the last time it was actually Great) gets a pretty strong endorsement. The journalist even gets close to spoofing my all-time I-hope-this-is-never-actually-written-title Hitler's Willing Gardeners.

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