Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vatican appoints Catholics as cardinals

Apparently, the Vatican cribbed the cv's of the 22 new cardinals from their wikipedia entries.... Via BBC:
One clue was that many new cardinals were described as being "Catholic".
The Vatican says it was trying to help journalists and warned them the biographies were "unofficial".
The names of the 22 new cardinals from around the world were announced by Pope Benedict on 6 January.
The similarity between the profiles of them handed out by the Vatican and their Wikipedia entries was spotted by the Italian journalist and blogger Sandro Magister.
In the kind of language not normally used by the Vatican, a Dutch archbishop, William Jacobus Eijk was described as being "one of the most talked about religious men in the country".
Now, this couldn't come at a worse time... I have just been correcting exams, and like everywhere else, we are constantly having to remind students that plagiarism is no joke, that copying things from the net is not ok, and that a sequence of more than a few words from another source needs quotation marks and a source. This takes infallibility to a whole new level!

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