Monday, 27 February 2012

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CREI is holding another summer school in Barcelona. CREI's best and brightest are offering classes; I am going to talk about Sovereign Debt Crises, combining theory and empirics (both historical and recent). What's on the menu? Here is the summary:

Sovereign Debt Crises: Past, Present and Future
Instructor: Hans Joachim Voth
Selected Topics:
  • Is this time different? Sovereign debt crises over the long run
  • Illiquidity and insolvency: Measurement and conceptual issues
  • Punishment vs reputation in theory and practice
  • The price of default: Investor returns from sovereign debt, 1850-2010
  • Stability at what price? Solvency, austerity, and social instability
  • Regulating stability: Plans for a “New Financial Architecture”
Dates: July 2 – 6
Time: 13:30 – 15:30 h
Price: 600 Euros (Students: 400 Euros)

As you can see, I will cover a bunch of things, from a conceptual framework for sovereign debt crises, the risk of self-fulfilling "debt runs" and the absence of state-contingent debt to important empirical regularities over the last 200 years (with a detailed discussion of Reinhart and Rogoff's classic This Time Is Different). I will also talk about some of my recent research on the link between political and social instability and austerity (short summary over at VOX here).
You can sign up here

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