Tuesday, 14 October 2014

US declaration of independence shelved

after UK courts declared the move unconstitutional. George Washington has now announced that there would be a voluntary, pseudo-declaration on the original date, with no real representation of the colonies or democratic safeguards in place... but there may be some other declaration later.

Well, that is pretty much what the current Catalan government has just done, declaring that they would not continue with plans to hold a referendum on independence. What did they think the Supreme Court would decide after the went for the November 9 referendum? It was clear they would try to block it. Surely, the only principled stand was to say "this is an inherent right of a people; no court can take it away." The only context in which the original decision made any sense was to go ahead with the vote regardless... but no. We'll get a vote organized by "volunteers" with no legal basis, etc. Congratulations to Snr. Mas and his merry gang for throwing away the single best chance of the Catalan people to become independent since 1714. 

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